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The specialists in Fort Worth serve the local community’s fence needs and beyond. Fort Worth residents continue to choose our network for:

High-quality fence installation

The skilled technicians at our company will work with you to create a fence that exactly fits your needs. Our professionals will assist you in selecting the ideal fence to achieve your goals, whether to boost your property’s privacy, security, or value.

Long-Lasting fence repairs

Due to weathering and accidental damage, your fence may need maintenance over time. If your bar needs repair, contact our contractors for prompt, professional service that will keep the bank intact.

Regular fence inspections

You can keep your fence in good shape and extend its life with routine maintenance. We connect you with experts who provide complete maintenance services to keep your bar pristine.

Why choose our vast network?

Industry-leading components and construction

We love connecting Fort Worth locals to experts who are dedicated to providing excellent service to every one of our customers. Since we care about our fences’ strength, longevity, and aesthetic value, our network gets all our materials from dependable vendors. In addition, each bar our contractors install is completed to the most excellent standards by our professional artisans, who take great pride in our work.

Made-to-order gates and fences

Since every customer has specific needs and preferences, our partners construct our fences and gates to order. Our partners have the skill and imagination to build the fence or entrance of your dreams, whether a modest picket fence or a grand wrought-iron entryway.

Costs that rank high among the competition

Because we want high-quality fence services to be within reach of as many people as possible, we’ve worked hard to keep our prices low. As a result of our approach of open and honest pricing, you will never have to worry about any unexpected fees.

Respectful of private property

Our technicians are proud of their reputation for respecting their customers’ property. Our professionals will work with you to install your fence in a way that respects your home and your schedule.

Our quality fencing solutions for your home


Privacy, safety, and delineation are all enhanced by Fencing, making it an essential element of any residential property. There is a wide variety of Fencing from which to pick; thus, weighing the pros and disadvantages of each is necessary. Each form of Fencing, from the timelessly attractive wooden picket fence to the sleekly contemporary vinyl privacy fence, has its advantages. Fencing may be a wise investment for several reasons, including improving your property’s curb appeal, keeping unwanted visitors out, and making your home more secure.

Find out your options for residential fences and how they may help protect and improve your property. Then, contact our network immediately to schedule a consultation and get the ball rolling on constructing your ideal fence! To read more about Fencing, please visit this page.

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beautiful grey colored gate installed on a residential property.

A residential gate is a valuable addition to any home, offering increased security, privacy, and a sense of exclusivity. With a wide range of styles and materials to choose from, a residential gate can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Whether you’re looking for a classic swinging gate, a sleek sliding gate, or an automatic gate for added convenience, a residential gate is an investment that offers numerous benefits.

From controlling access to your property to providing a secure and private environment for you and your family, a residential gate can be a valuable asset. Take advantage of a residential gate’s benefits to your property. Click here to explore the different styles and options and start building your dream entrance!

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Fence installation in Fort Worth: FAQ

How long does it take to install a fence?

Installing a fence is an important decision that requires a considerable investment of time and money. Therefore, it is essential to understand how long it will take to complete the project. It takes approximately three to four days for a professional contractor to install a typical six-foot privacy fence. This includes digging and preparing the posts, assembling pieces of the fence panels, and securing them into place with nails and screws.

The timeframe for installation can vary greatly depending on the type of fence being installed as well as the size and complexity of the job. Vinyl fences are much easier to install than wooden ones since they require fewer posts and can be put together quickly with less effort than wooden ones. Furthermore, complex designs such as those found in custom-made fences or those that include intricate patterns may take longer to install due to the additional steps involved in setting up each panel.

In addition, many factors can affect how long it takes to install a fence, including weather conditions, terrain, soil type, access points, etc.. Professional contractors are experienced in overcoming these obstacles to get the job done efficiently and within budget. When considering hiring a contractor for your fencing project, it is essential to ask about their experience in installing similar fences so you can make an informed decision about who is suited for your job.

What type of fence is good for my property?

When installing a fence, one of the most important decisions is which type will be suited for the property. There are many types ranging from wood and chain-link to metal and vinyl, all with advantages and disadvantages. Each property is unique, so it is essential to consider all factors before deciding on a type of fence.

The property’s location can be a significant factor in determining which type of fence is a great choice. For example, areas with heavy snowfall may require a sturdier material than those that do not receive much precipitation. Additionally, if animals or children are living nearby, strong fencing materials may be necessary for safety purposes.

Choosing between aesthetics and function should also be considered when selecting a fence type. While some types may look nice, they might not provide enough security. Similarly, if the goal is primarily for privacy, an attractive design might take precedence over durability or ease of installation. Ultimately, the good type of fence for one’s property will depend on individual needs and preferences as well as environmental considerations.

What costs are associated with installing a fence?

When considering the installation of a fence around a property, it is essential to be aware of any additional costs associated with the project. This article will discuss some of the typical costs incurred when installing a fence and how these should be considered when deciding the type of fence suited for a particular property.

The cost of fencing materials is an obvious expense and will depend on the type and size of the fence chosen. The cost to install the fence can vary significantly depending on factors such as labor costs in the area and other elements such as accessibility to the site and soil conditions. Additionally, if there are existing structures or utilities in the way of where the fence needs to go, these could also incur extra costs.

It is also important to consider ongoing maintenance costs that may arise after installation. Long-term maintenance tasks such as staining or painting must be factored into budgeting considerations. Furthermore, depending on local regulations or homeowners’ association rules, certain fences may require regular inspections or certification to remain compliant with relevant laws.

When planning for a fence installation project, therefore, it is necessary to consider not only the cost of materials but any other associated expenses that come along with this process for an informed decision about what type of fence is most suitable for a particular property to be made.

Is a permit required to install a fence?

When it comes to installing a fence, there is often an important question that needs to be answered: is a permit required? This can be a confusing issue for many people as the answer will depend on the specific circumstances. Generally speaking, a permit may be needed in order to install a fence in certain areas.

The type of fence being installed, and its intended use, could also determine if a permit is necessary. For example, fences that are placed close to public roads or highways might require permits from local government authorities. Additionally, it is possible that fencing around swimming pools or other hazardous areas may need special permits due to safety considerations.

It is advisable to check with local officials to determine if any kind of permit is needed prior to beginning the installation process of any fence. Doing so can help ensure that all regulations and laws are followed correctly and avoid potential fines or other consequences. Ultimately, this step can save time, money and stress associated with the installation process of any fence.

Do fence contractors provide a warranty?

The question of whether fence contractors provide a warranty on their work is an important one for homeowners to consider when looking to install a new fence. Homeowners should be aware that some contractors may offer a limited warranty, while others may not provide any warranties at all. It is important to know what kind of coverage the contractor is offering and if there are any additional costs associated with the warranty.

When researching fence contractors, it is important to ask about the type of warranty they offer and the details of the coverage. Many times, contractors will offer either a one-time or annual warranty on their work, which can include repair or replacement services in case something goes wrong with the installation. Homeowners should also find out if they will be reimbursed for any extra costs incurred due to faulty installations. Additionally, it may be wise to ask if there are any restrictions on who can do repairs under the warranty; some contractors may require that only their own employees do repairs or replacements.

It is essential for homeowners to understand what protection they have when hiring a fence contractor and what type of coverage is included in the contractor’s warranty. Knowing this information ahead of time can help ensure that homeowners are getting quality workmanship and that they are protected should anything go wrong down the line. Doing research into fence contractors before hiring them can make sure that homeowners get reliable service and peace of mind knowing that their investment in a new fence is covered by a reputable fence company.